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We employ complex dynamics in physical, chemical and biological media to design novel computational techniques, architectures and working prototypes of non-linear media based computers.

The research is based on an interdisciplinary cooperation in modeling and experimental verification of novel principles of information processing and analysis in uniform distributed large-scale chemical and physical systems. We also apply these novel principles to the design of working prototypes of massively parallel computing devices with intrinsic functions that exploit the complex dynamics of non-linear systems.

Excitable GoL (Andy Adamatzky)
Chemical Tesselations (Ben De Lacy Costello)

International Center of  Unconventional Computing
Free books on unconventional computing and cellular automata

Automata-2008: Theory and Applications of Cellular Automata, Editors: Adamatzky A., Alonso-Sanz R., Lawniczak A., Martinez G. J., Morita K., Worsch T. (Luniver Press, 2008)
Download PDF (~16Mb)

Unconventional Computing 2007, Adamatzky A., De Lacy Costello B., Bull L., Stepney S., Teuscher C., Editors (Luniver Press, 2007).
Download PDF (~13Mb)

From Utopian to Genuine Unconventional Computers: Splendeurs et miseres du calcul peu usuel, Adamatzky A. and Teuscher C., Editors (Luniver Press, 2006)
Download PDF (~3Mb)

Unconventional Computing 2005: From Cellular Automata to Wetware, Teuscher C. and Adamatzky A., Editors (Luniver Press, 2005)
Download PDF (~5Mb)

The Global Dynamics of Cellular Automata, Andy Wuensche & Mike Lesser (Addison Wesley, 1992).
Download PDF (~37Mb)

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