Dr. Ben De Lacy Costello
Senior Research Fellow
University of the West of England
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Centre for Research in Analytical, Material and Sensor Sciences.

E-mail Ben.DeLacyCostello@uwe.ac.uk
Phone 44 (0) 117 34482461 (office)
Phone 44 (0) 117 34482453 (lab)
Research Background

My research background is in the area of sensors and materials. Currently my projects are concerned with producing sensors and devices for disease diagnosis.

My other main research interests are in Chemical Computation in collaboration with friends in the faculty of Computing Engineering and Mathematics here at UWE. Current work mainly involves the light sensitive Belousov Zhabotinsky reaction. Our work is focussed on the study of architectureless computing via collision/manipulation of fragments in excitable and sub-excitable systems.

Other work involves the study of a number of inorganic pattern forming reactions used to calculate generalised Voronoi diagrams, calculate shortest paths etc. I have a general interest in pattern forming reactions particularly Liesegang type inorganic reactions.

Other interests

Western Philosophy (particularly Nietzsche and Sartre), Eastern philosophy generally
Wines of Bordeaux and South West France especially Cahors
Bristol Rugby watching, Collecting fossils, Rocks and Minerals and old coins.
Playing Football