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Game of Life (MathWorld)

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Top 100 of Game-of-Life Ash Objects

Life people

Carter Bays

Cellular Automata: two, three and four dimensions

David I. Bell

HighLife - An Interesting Variant of Life

Elwyn R. Berlekamp

David Buckingham

Life theory

Paul Callahan

Patterns, Programs, and Links for Conway's Game of Life

What is the Game of Life?

Paul Chapman

Life Universal Computer

Matthew Cook

Still Life Theory

David Eppstein

Which "Life"-Like Systems Have Gliders?

Kellie Michele Evans

Larger than Life

Tony Finch

Implementation of Conway's Game of Life

Achim Flammenkamp

Game of Life

Martin Gardner

John Conway's Game of Life

Alan Hensel

Conway's Game of Life

Dean Hickerson


Alexander M. Kasprzyk

Kasprzyk's A-Life page

Harold V. McIntosh

Still Life and Zoo Life forms via de Bruijn diagrams

Mark D. Niemiec

Life Page

William Poundstone

The Recursive Universe

Paul Rendell

Turing Machine Implemented in Conway's Game of Life

Stephen Silver

Life Page

Jason Summers

Life Page

Robert T. Wainwright


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