From Pattern Formation to Material Computation




Supplementary Video Recordings:

The links contain zip files of video recordings from the model for each separate chapter of the book.

Chapter 3 - Model

Chapter 4 - Biological Behaviour

Chapter 5 - Approximating Neural Behaviour

Chapter 6 - Computational Behaviour

Chapter 8 - Dynamic Reconfiguration

Chapter 9 - Combinatorial Optimisation by Simple Shrinkage

Chapter 12 - Data Smoothing and Spline Curves

Chapter 13 - Centroid Statistics and Estimation

Chapter 14 - Morphological Path Planning

Chapter 15 - Oscillatory Phenomena

Chapter 16 - Collective Transport and Amoeboid Movement

Chapter 17 - Generalised Pattern Formation


Computational Model:

The examples below were written using the Processing framework. Processing is a multi-platform framework, based on a simplified version of Java, which enables the user to construct models quickly. These examples were written using Processing version 2.2.1 and the author recommends that this version be downloaded. They are archived examples and should be unzipped into your 'Processing Sketches' folder. Please see the Processing Website for further details on how to download and install Processing. Please note that these examples will not work with the most recent version of Processing (v3) as the new version has significant changes to the framework.


Pattern formation example - SA45 RA45

Pattern formation example - SA22.5 RA45

Pattern formation example - SA90 RA45

 Minimisation example - 30 nodes




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