The Emergence of Synchronization Behaviour in Physarum polycephalum and its Particle Approximation

Soichiro Tsuda and Jeff Jones.
Centre for Unconventional Computation,

University of the West of England,
BS16 1QY, UK.


This page contains supplementary images and video recordings for the paper.

(Please not that the supplementary video recordings require the Adobe Flash Plugin, in order to view the recordings.)


Experimental Results:


Video Recordings:

1.5 mm well, 1.5mm well analysed greyscale
3.0 mm well, 3.0mm well analysed greyscale
4.5 mm well, 4.5mm well analysed greyscale
6.0 mm well, 6.0mm well analysed greyscale
7.5 mm well, 7.5mm well analysed greyscale


Modelling Results:


Video Recordings:

Fixed Sensor Offset distance:

SO 9 pixels
SO 21 pixels
SO 41 pixels

Increasing Sensor Offset distance:

100 pixel well
200 pixel well
300 pixel well
400 pixel well

Experimental and Model Visual Comparison

Evaluation of sensory parameters



Electronic version of model images







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