Electronic images of details and results of the particle approximation of Physarum polycephalum



Schematic illustration of: a) Particle morphology, b) overlapping sensory behaviour in transport networks, c) overlapping sensory behaviour in solid plasmodium arrangement

Illustration of how fixed SO parameter during an experimental run results in unchanging pattern type, although pattern scale is increased in the different experiments using the particle approximation..
a) SO9, b) SO21, c) SO41 pixels
P90, SA 22.5, RA 45.


Illustration of changing oscillation pattern type when SO is increased gradually during particle approximation experiments.
Phase plots from video recordings shown below.
Well size: a) 100 pixels, b) 200 pixels, c) 300 pixels, 4) 400 pixels




Illustration of the main regular oscillation patterns observed during particle approximation experiments.

a) Rotational pattern (200 pixel well)
b) Bilateral oscillation (100 pixelwell)
c) Annular oscillation (100 pixel well)



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