The Workshop  will be held as a part of the ECAL 2011 conference in Paris on (date here). The workshop aims to bring together scientists who work on information processing in nanostructures, nonequilibrium chemical systems including microfluidic reactors and living organisms. The main topic of the workshop is presentation and discussion of the strategies of information coding that extend the computing potential of unconventional media beyond the limits fixed by traditional, Boolean coding. We cordially invite all who are interested to submit papers. All accepted contributions will be presented in oral or in poster form. Selected contributions will be published in the conference proceedings as well as in a special issue of The International Journal of Unconventional Computing.

The following topics are encouraged (we would prefer to see  experimental results not just pure theory):
-        biologically inspired algorithms,
-        computing with structured  medium like micro-and nano- droplets,
-        decision making by unconventional computing substrates,
-        excitable cells and Lab-on-Chip systems
-        emergence phenomena and they interpretation as information processing operations,
-        Hebbian-type rules in unconventional computing
-        information coding and processing with reaction networks,
-        information coding in nanostructures,
-        information r processing performed by reaction-diffusion structures,
-        intelligent behavior of nonlinear chemical systems
-        morphogenetic computing in biological (e.g. growth of bacteria, fungi,  plants) and chemical (e.g. crystallization) systems
-        pattern recognition.
We also invite contributions related to neural network computing if the
networks are implemented as working laboratory prototypes.
Information Coding in
Unconventional Computing Substrates
Workshop at the European Conference on Artificial Life

12 August 2011, Paris

Abstract submission:  May 20, 2011
Registration ends:       See ECAL2011 site
Workshop starts:        August 12, 2011
To be confirmed

Invited speakers
Jerzy Gorecki (Warsaw, Poland)
Andrew Adamatzky (Bristol, UK)

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Andy Adamatzky, UWE Bristol, UK
Konstantin Agladze, Kyoto University, Japan
Tetsuya Asai, Hokkaido University,Japan
Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow,UK
Peter Dittrich, Jena University, Germany
Irving Epstein, Brandeis University, USA
Jerzy Gorecki,  Institute of Physical Chemistry, Poland
Marcus Hauser, Magdeburg University, Germany
Vladimir Privman, Clarkson  University, USA
Ferdinand Peper, NICT, Japan
Ken Showalter, West Virginia University, USA
Oliver Steinbock , Florida State University, USA
Milan N Stojanovic, Columbia. University, USA
Vladimir Vanag , Brandeis University, USA
Tomohiko Yamaguchi , AIST, Tsukuba, Japan
Kenichi Yoshikawa, Kyoto University, Japan
Advisory committee