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The Global Dynamics of Cellular Automata
Exploring Discrete Dynamics

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Books, Thesis

older DDLab manuals (binary)

  • Wuensche A (2001), "The DDLab Manual" (for ddlabx24, 2002, 421 pages, html description / pdf -- 20.75M).

  • Wuensche A (1995), "Discrete Dynamics Lab: Cellular Automata -- random Boolean Networks" (the old 63 page DDLab manual for DOS, ddlab_10 and ddlab_20, pdf -- 0.09M

Papers, Chapters

  • José Manuel Gómez Soto and Andrew Wuensche (2016), "X-Rule’s Precursor is also Logically Universal", arXiv preprint pdf -- 3.1M, JCA, to appear.

  • Wuensche A (2016), "Is it Art or Science?", in " Designing Beauty: The Art of Cellular Automata", eds. A.Adamatzki and G.J.Martinez, 13-26, Springer.

  • José Manuel Gómez Soto and Andrew Wuensche (2015), "The X-rule: universal computation in a non-isotropic Life-like Cellular Automaton", arXiv preprint pdf -- 1.8M, JCA, Vol 10. No.3-4, 261-294.

  • Wuensche A (2011), "Sistemas dinámicos complejos y caóticos, conjuntos de atractores, memoria y redes discretas", Sistemas Complejos como Modelos de Computación,, eds. G.Martínez, H.Zenil, C.Stephens, 3-22, Luniver Press, UK, 2011 (Spanish translation of "Complex and Chaotic Dynamics, Basins of Attraction, and Memory in Discrete Networks", below). preprint pdf -- 32.55M)

  • Wuensche A (2010), "Complex and Chaotic Dynamics, Basins of Attraction, and Memory in Discrete Networks", ACTA PYSICA POLONICA B, Vol 3, No 2, 463-478, 2010, APP pdf / preprint pdf -- 2.57M)

  • Wuensche A (2009), "Discrete Dynamics Lab: Tools for investigating cellular automata and discrete dynamical networks", "Artificial Life Models in Software, 2nd Ed", eds. M.Komosinski and A.Adamatzky, chapter 8, 215-258, Springer, preprint pdf -- 5.22M.

  • Wuensche A (2009), "Cellular Automata Encryption: The Reverse Algorithm, Z-Parameter and Chain-Rules", Parallel Processing Letters,Vol 19, No 2, June 2009, 283-297, PPL pdf / preprint pdf -- 2.44M.

  • Wuensche A (2008), "Encryption using cellular automata chain-rules", "AUTOMATA 2008 EPSRC Workshop Cellular Automata Theory and Applications" June 12-14 2008 Bristol, UK, preprint pdf -- 0.29M.

  • Adamatzky A, A.Wuensche (2007), "Computing in Spiral Rule Reaction-Diffusion Hexagonal Cellular Automaton", Complex Systems, vol.16, issue 4, CS pdf / preprint pdf -- 0.33M .

  • Wuensche A (2006), "Complex dynamics, basins of attraction, and content addressable memory, in discrete systems", Lecture Slides, pdf -- 3.64M.

  • Wuensche A, A.Adamatzky (2006), "On spiral glider-guns in hexagonal cellular automata: activator-inhibitor paradigm", International Journal of Modern Physics C,Vol. 17, No. 7,1009-1026, IJMP pdf, preprint pdf -- 0.16M .

  • Adamatzky A, A.Wuensche, B.De Lacy Costello (2006), Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 27, Issue 2, 2006, 287-295, "Glider-based computing in reaction-diffusion hexagonal cellular automata", CSF pdf / preprint pdf -- 0.15M.

  • Wuensche A (2005), "Discrete dynamical networks, basins of attraction, and content addressable memory", International Workshop --- The Grand Challenge in Non-Classical Computation, Univ. of York. (pdf)).

  • Wuensche A (2005), "Glider dynamics in 3-value hexagonal cellular automata: the beehive rule", Int. Journ. of Unconventional Computing, Vol.1, No.4, 2005, 375-398, IJUC pdf / preprint pdf -- 0.97M).

  • Wuensche A (2005), "Discrete Dynamics Lab: Tools for investigating cellular automata and discrete dynamical networks", (updated for multi-value) in "Artificial Life Models in Software", eds. A.Adamatzky and M.Komosinski, chapter 11, 263-297, Springer, preprint pdf -- 2.33M)

  • Wuensche A (2004), "Self-reproduction by glider collisions: the beehive rule", In J.Pollack et al., editor, Alife9 Proceedings, pages 286-291. MIT Press. html description / preprint pdf -- 0.27M.

  • Wuensche A (2004), "Encription Using Cellular Automata Chain Rules", unpublished, pdf -- 0.13M.

  • Wuensche A (2002) "Discrete Dynamics Lab: Tools for investigating cellular automata and discrete dynamical networks", Kybernetes, vol 32 no.1/2 2003, preprint pdf -- 3.3M).

  • Wuensche A (2002), "Finding Gliders in Cellular Automata", in "Collision-Based Computing", ed. A.Adamatzky, chapter 13, 381-410, Springer, London, 2002.

  • Wuensche A (2002), "Basins of Attraction in Network Dynamics: A Conceptual Framework for Biomolecular Networks", in "Modularity in Development and Evolution", eds G.Schlosser and G.P.Wagner. Chicago University Press 2004, chapter 13, 288--311. (Santa Fe Institute working paper 02-02-004, 2002: ftp at SFI / pdf at COGS -- 2.46M.

  • Harris S.E, B.K.Sawhill, A.Wuensche, S.Kauffman (2001), "A Model of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Based on Biases in the Observed Regulation Rules", COMPLEXITY, Vol.7/no.4, 23--40, 2002 / pdf -- 0.51M.

  • Wuensche A (2000), "Basins of Attraction in Cellular Automata; Order-Complexity-Chaos in Small Universes", COMPLEXITY, Vol.5/no.6, 19-25, 2000, based on an art exhibition in collaboration with Chris Langton, html description.

  • Wuensche A (1999), "Classifying Cellular Automata Automatically: Finding gliders, filtering, and relating space-time patterns, attractor basins, and the Z parameter", COMPLEXITY, Vol.4/no.3, 47-66, 1999 / preprint pdf -- 2.62M.

  • Wuensche A (1998), "Discrete Dynamical Networks and their Attractor Basins", "Complex Systems '98", University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, in the online journal COMPLEXITY INTERNATIONAL, and Santa Fe Institute working paper 98-11-101, pdf SFI / pdf COGS -- 2.62M.

  • Wuensche A (1998), "Classifying Cellular Automata Automatically", Santa Fe Institute working paper 98-02-018, pdf SFI / pdf COGS -- 1.37M .

  • Wuensche A (1998), "Genomic Regulation Modeled as a Network with Basins of Attraction", in "Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing '98" eds. R.B.Altman, A.K.Dunker, L.Hunter, T.E.Klien. World Scientific, Singapore, 1998, 89--102, preprint pdf -- 0.44M.

  • Somogyi R, S.Fuhrman, M.Askenazi, A.Wuensche (1997), "The gene expression matrix: towards the extraction of genetic network architectures", Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 30 (3), 1815-1824, preprint pdf -- 0.68M.

  • Wuensche A (1996), "The Emergence of Memory; Categorisation Far From Equilibrium", in "Towards a Science of Consciousness: The First Tuscon Discussions and Debates", eds. S.R.Hameroff, A.W.Kaszniak, A.C.Scott. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1996. (Cognitive Science Research Paper 346, Univ. of Sussex, 1994, scanned pdf -- 1.57M

  • Wuensche A (1994), "Complexity in One-D Cellular Automata: Gliders, Basins of Attraction and the Z parameter", Santa Fe Institute working paper 94-04-025. scanned pdf -- 13,97M

  • Wuensche A (1994), "The Ghost in the Machine: Basins of Attraction of Random Boolean Networks", in "Artificial Life III", ed. C.G. Langton, Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1994. (Cognitive Science Research Paper 281, Univ. of Sussex, 1993, CSRP281 scanned pdf -- 5.56M

  • Wuensche A (1992), "The Ghost in the Machine: Basin of Attraction Fields of Disordered Cellular Automata Networks", SFI WORKING PAPER: 1992-04-017 -- 1.5M

  • Wuensche A (1992), "Basins of Attraction in Disordered Networks", in "Artificial Neural Networks, 2", Vol. 2, eds. I.Alexander, J.Taylor. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1992.

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