Alex Beasley received a 1st Class MEng (Hons) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a PhD from the University of Bath in 2015 and 2018 respectively. His PhD focused on examining the implications and benefits of partial dynamic reconfiguration in FPGA-SoC architectures. He has spent some time working in industry where he designed future-generation FPGA architectures for UK based firm Pico technology. He is a visiting researcher at the University of Bath, where he continues his work on FPGA-SoC architectures and consults with the bio-sensors group (C3Bio) that look to enable long term monitoring of biomarkers in patients. In his spare time he is an ambassador for STEM UK and a member of the charitable organisation REMAP, who look to provide custom solutions for people with disabilities. Currently he is Researcher in H2020 FETOPEN FUNGAR project.