Hanna Saito is a contemporary artist. She graduated from Tama Art University (Craft Department, Glass Course) in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. After graduating, she joined metaPhorest (biological / bio-media art platform)in the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art, at Waseda University as an artist and visiting researcher. Since 2019, she enrolled in the Master’s Program in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo (Yasuaki Kakehi Lab.) She’s creating artworks using scientific glass production techniques, organisms, organic matter, image analysis. Recently, she has been culturing multiple wild-type slime molds for use in her artworks and research. Her main themes are to reconsider the borders of nature/society, human/non-human, and the indivisibility of the expresser and the object of the expression at the interdisciplinary viewpoint. Her site is hannasaito.com