Mohammad Mahdi Dehshibi, the founder of Pattern Research Center, received his Ph.D. in computer vision form I.A.U, Tehran, Iran. He has been actively contributed to research topics in Machine Vision/Learning, Cellular Automata, Complex Systems Modeling, and Unconventional Computing. In 2018, he joined SUNAI group at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya as a senior research fellow to continue striving in the EU. Although his most achievements are for doing research in computer vision and introducing Iranian Face Database (IFDB), he always wants to carve out his niche internationally-speaking as an expert in Unconventional Computing. Mohammad’s passion for learning and creativity has always motivated him to select cutting-edge and practical topics in computing. His viewpoint for out-of-box thinking was expressed in “East-West paths to unconventional computing.” To know more about Mohammad, visit his Google Scholar, DBLP, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn