Photo art virtual exhibition


Curator: Irina Petrova (UK)
Advisers: Andrew Adamatzky (UK), Alessandro Chiolerio (Italy), Phil Ayres (Denmark), Konrad Szacilowski (Poland), Anna Nikolaidou (UK)
The virtual exhibition is hosted by the Unconventional Computing Lab (UWE Bristol UK)
and FUNGAR and COGITOR H2020 FET OPEN projects.

The winners are

1st Place: Michael Sedbon
2nd Place: Mon Thi Han
3rd Place: Dasha Alien
Curator’s choice: Imani Cooper Mkandawire (ICM)

Αποκάλυψη translates as a revelation of God’s will about the end of the world. Before the modern era, ‘apocalypse’ meant doomsday. Post-modern meaning was shifted to the imminent existence of life shaped by disasters. In fiction, the apocalypse relates to the collapse of civilisation caused by wars, climate changes, earthquakes, pandemics. An apocalyptic event reverses civilisation control over nature into the civilisation under the control of nature. The domains of science and engineering that will adapt to a post-apocalyptic world are those whose status was marginal in the former civilisation.

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