Workshop on Liquid and Colloid Cybernetic Systems

4th July 2022

UWE, Arnolfini, Bristol 

Chairs: Alessandro Chiolerio (IIT, Italy), Andy Adamatzky (UWE Bristol)

Local organizers: Andy Adamatzky and Noushin Raeisi Kheirabadi (UWE Bristol)

Liquid Colloidal Cybernetic Systems represent a radically new science enabling technology capable for distributed sensing, massive-parallel information processing and concurrent decision making. The proposed paradigm is similar to living systems in terms of versatility, adaptability, distributed architecture and autonomy. Such a paradigm has not yet been investigated, due to a lack of systemic approach to colloidal science.  

  • 11:30  Coffee/Tea 
  • 12:00 In materia intelligence: a dichotomous perspective? (Alessandro Chiolerio, IIT, Italy)
  • 12:20 Handwriting recognition with colloidal cadmium sulfide (Konrad Szacilowski, AGH Krakow, Poland)
  • 12:40 From Navier-Stokes millenium-prize problem to liquid computation (Saksham Sharma, Cambridge University, UK)
  • 13:00 Learning in colloids (Noushin Raeisi Kheirabadi, UWE Bristol)
  • 13:20 Can bits be liquid? First results in memorizing data in colloids (Marco Crepaldi, IIT Italy)
  • 13:40 Lunch & free time
  • 15:15 Simulation of Belousov-Zabotinsky based logic circuits (Michail-Antisthenis Tsompanas, UWE Bristol, UK)
  • 15:35 Gel-based sensing systems for colloidal cybernetics in harsh environments (Erik Garofalo, IIT Italy)
  • 15:55 From electronic integration to colloid computing (Roshan Weerasekera UWE Bristol UK)
  • 16:15 Conductive polymers for colloid computing  (Giuseppe Tarabella CNR Italy) 
  • 16:30  Simulated Autopoiesis in Liquid Automata (Steve Battle and Dan Brickley UWE Bristol UK
  • 16:45 Colloid computing (Andy Adamatzky, UWE Bristol, UK)
  • 17:00  Closure

Post-workshop papers will be published in a Special Issue of the Int J Unconventional Computing.