Genaro J. Martínez is a full time researcher and lecturer at Superior School of Computer Sciences in the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. Founder of the International Computer Science Laboratory (LCCOMP) and the Artificial Life Robotics Laboratory (ALIROB) in Mexico, and an active member of Unconventional Computing Lab (University of the West of England, United Kingdom), in the Foundation of Computer Science Laboratory (Hiroshima University, Japan), in the Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks (City University of Hong Kong, China), in the Scientific Research Lab (Paris, France), and in the Unconventional Algorithms and Computing Laboratory (Ostrava, Czech Republic). His main research is focused in cellular automata theory with particularity in unconventional computing models, such as: computing in cellular automata colliders, computing in cellular automata with competing patterns, Life-like rules and one- dimensional cellular automata with computing capacities. Actually, his interests include cellular automata projection to Physarum dynamics, complex systems projected from any cellular automata with memory or actin rules, swarm phenomena derived from simple cellular automata rules implemented in small robots, state machines and languages as dynamical systems, and universal systems,

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