Call for entries “Post-Apocalyptic Computing and Technology” photo arts exhibition. Deadline 30 June 2022.

Post-Apocalyptic Computing Workshop 6-7 July 2022, UWE, Bristol, UK

Workshop on Liquid and Colloid Cybernetic Systems 4 July 2022, UWE Arnolfini, Bristol, UK 

Unconventional Computing Discussions 5 July 2022, Bristol Business School, UWE, Bristol, UK

IEEE Emergent Technologies Technical Committee Task Forces TF11: Bio-inspired Self-Organizing Collective Systems

13-19 December 2021 Fungal Architectures Arts Exhibition, Bristol

15/11/19 Workshop Announcement – Cancer, Evolution, ALife: Discovery of Cancer Treatment

06/11/19 The paper Liquid Marble Photosensor is published.

05/11/19 The monumental book Handbook of Memristor Networks is released

04/11/19 The paper Computing on actin bundles network is published.

19/10/19 The paper Universal One-dimensional Cellular Automata Derived from Turing Machines won the Prize!

05/10/19 Is slime mould `intelligent’? UCG at Bristol Fungus Day 2019

23/09/19 Electrical Properties of Solvated Tectomers: Toward Zettascale

15/09/19 Belousov-Zhabotinsky liquid marbles in robot control

03/09/19 Marimo machines: oscillators, biosensors and actuators

25/08/19 A Turing Machine Constructed with Cubelets Robots

09/07/19 Parallel Accelerated Virtual Physarum Lab Based on Cellular Automata Agents

24/06/19 From Astrophysics to Unconventional Computation: Essays Presented to Susan Stepney on the Occasion of her 60th Birthday

20/06/19 On measuring nanoparticle toxicity and clearance with Paramecium caudatum

26/05/19 Wave Computing with Passive Memristive Networks

14/05/19 Towards an evolvable cancer treatment simulator

11/05/19 Perturbations and phase transitions in swarm optimization algorithms

25/04/19 Chemical Excitable Medium in Barcelona Street Network as a Method for Panicked Crowds Behavior Analysis

24/04/19 Thermal switch of oscillation frequency in Belousov–Zhabotinsky liquid marbles

24/04/19 Brief notes and history computing in Mexico during 50 years

22/04/19 A brief history of liquid computers

17/04/19 On Buildings that Compute. A Proposal

04/04/19 Mapping outcomes of liquid marble collisions

28/02/19 From Parallel to Emergent Computing

28/02/19 On Patterns and Dynamics of Rule 22 Cellular Automaton

12/02/19 Plant leaf computing

23/01/19 On discovering functions in actin filament automata

22/01/19 Towards experimental P-systems using multivesicular liposomes