Fungal architecures (H2020 FETOPEN, 2020-2023)

Evolvable platform for programmable nanoparticle-based cancer therapies (H2020 FETOPEN, 2018-2021)

Computing with liquid marbles (EPSRC, 2017-2020)


Physarum Sensor (H2020 Launchpad, 2017-1018)

Artificial Paramecium: intelligent distributed sensing and manipulation by ciliates (The Leverhulme Trust, 2015-2018)


Physarum chip: Growing Computers from Slime Mould (FP7 UNCOMP, 2013-2016)


Artificial Wet Neuronal Networks from Compartmentalised Excitable Chemical Media (NEUNEU) (FP7, 2010-2013).

Learning and computation in disordered networks of memristors: theory and experiments (EPSRC, 2010-2013)