6-7 July 2022  Arnolfini UWE Bristol UK

6th July

10:30 Coffee/Tea

11:00 Andy Adamatzky and Alessandro Chiolerio: Fungal Architectures and Colloid Cybernetic Systems

11:10  Paolo Ceretto and Alessandro Bernard: Unconventional Gardener; A movie about the next close encounters of the third kind  

11:20 Stefan Höltgen: Doomsday Machines. Computers and Computing in Cold War Fiction

11:40 Roshan Weerasekera: Computing with oscillators

12:00: Break

12:20  Dan Nicolau: Computational Strategies Employed by Satan (and God) in Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

12:40 Hector Zenil:The ultimate computation before doomsday or what computer program to run before extinction

13:00  Gari Owens:  Challenges of conventional computing 

13:20 Lunch & free time

15:00 Alessandro Chiolerio: Computing with ecosystems: sustainable cybernetics

15:20 Jordi Valverdu: Self-Decomputing: the lack of meaning among information

15:40 Konrad Szacilowski: Structural disorder as a tool for computation. Perovskites and others

16:00 Break

16:20 Hege Tapio: Speculative Biocomputer

16:40 Catarina Pombo Nabais: Computers on our skin

17:00 Giuseppe Tarabella: Organic materials for electrochemical logic circuits

17:20  Free time & Drinking in Bristol Harbourside

20:00 Dinner at Slug & Lettuce 

7th July

10:30 Coffee/Tea

11:00 Martin Trefzer: Reservoir computing

11:20 Abhishek Sharma: A probabilistic chemical programmable computer

11:40 Sally Adee: Squid, fungus, frogs and other electronics

12:00 Break

12:20  Phil Ayres: Post-apocalyptic architectures

12:40 Chelsey Flood: Mycelium and time travel

13:00 Mohammad Dehshibi: Fungi feel human stress

13:20 Lunch & Free time 

15:00 Neil Phillips: Marimo robots and computers at the post-apocalypse event

15:20 Anna Nikolaidou: Living wearables and architecture

15:40 Irina Petrova Adamatzky: Photo art exhibition Post-Apocalyptic Computing and Technology

15:50 Andy Adamatzky: Computing with slime moulds, fungi, plants and other creatures left alive

16:10 Closure & Drinking in Bristol Harbourside  


Marco Crepaldi

Erik Garofalo

Noushin Raeisi Kheirabadi

Michael-Antisthenis Trompanas