Thomas Leon Wood received an M.Sci in Theoretical Physics from Queen Mary, University of London. He has published a number of papers regarding physical comparisons of discrete information propagating network models of possible underlying space-time structure. His current research involves modelling information propagation on mycelium networks and its correspondence to discrete space-time topology and cosmology.

He has a love of the beauty of emergent structures in nature and how patterns and forms recreate themselves in many places, and at vastly differing scales, within the universe. He takes a fundamental first principles approach to science, starting from a state of minimal complexity and applying emergent update rules to observe resultant phenomena. This works with the aim of drawing comparisons to observed behaviours, in fields from cosmology to biology. Through this process, insights regarding underlying hidden structure and laws may be implied.

His main research area is on a specific emergent discrete dynamical space-time model called the Space Element Reduction Duplication (SERD) model. Besides having shown some meaningful physical comparisons, the SERD model also serves as a useful computational data structure. With this, there may be insights to be gained of the various scales of emergent structure in physical and biological systems. The scope of this network model may be applicable to structures such as the cosmic web and mycelium networks.

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