Festival of Unconventional Computing, Proto-cognition, Arts and Sounds.

28 September – 2 October 2022, Bristol 

Gallery Space, The Island, Bridewell Street, Bristol BS1 2QD

Under aegis of EC H2020 projects FUNGAR, COGITOR, FUNGATERIA   

Organisers: Irina Petrova (arts curator), Andy Adamatzky (Director),Alessandro Chiolerio and Phil Ayres (Scientific advisers), Zlatko Baracskai (sounds curator), Anna Nikolaidou (architecture and fashion curator), Jordi Vallverdú (philosophy curator).

Exhibitions: Ken Rinaldo: Synthetic evolution. Irina Petrova: Apocalypse now. Anna Nikolaidou: Living wearables. Steve Battle: Liquid Automata. Saksham Sharma: Entropy of intelligence. Poetry. Genaro J. Martínez: Art of Life-like cellular automata. Neil Phillips: Marimo oscillator. Installation. Andy Adamatzky: Slime intelligence. Chair for Biohybrid Architecture: Fungal Architectures. Mohammad Mahdi Dehshiby: Complexity of Persian languageHanna Saito: Eaten Colors

Post-apocalyptic computing.  Irina Petrova: Curator. Michael Sedbon: Cryptographic Beings. Mon Thi Han: Fluid Integrated Building Skin for Regulation of Thermal Mass and Temperature. Dasha Alien: Typical morning in Eastern Europe. Imani Cooper Mkandawire (ICM): What my Ancestors Knew v001 – cotton technology.  

Music performances. Zlatko Baracskai: Harmonies, rhythms and noises from fungi signals. Andrew Adamatzky: Songs of fungi, plants and slime mould

Public talks. Alessandro Chiolerio: Colloid intelligence. Mohammad Dehshbi: Complexity of Persian language. Eric Goles: Periodical organisms and stable (evolutive) attractor. Steve Battle: Liquid Automata. Neil Phillips: Marimo computing and robotics. Andy Adamatzky: Language of fungi and kombucha. Maria Dębińska: Non-human semiotics. Sarah Cook: Between the Lines: DNA Data Storage as an Artistic Medium

Participants Festival Unconventional Computing